There are times in life when you feel distressed, challenged or not quite in control. It may be that you are struggling at work, or feel disconnected in relationships. Perhaps family life is becoming too much or you feel separate or isolated. You might even feel worthless, hopeless……perhaps a bit broken.

You may be noticing unhelpful patterns of behavior, or worry about unhealthy habits. You may be feeling constantly irritated, anxious, sad, confused, lonely, or overwhelmed. 

Or you may notice how your thoughts seem more negative than positive, or that your mind keeps going round in circles. You may get stuck on questions about who you truly are, why things are happening to you, what does something mean?

Therapy is a way to explore these questions and challenges. It offers a safe and confidential place where you can talk about yourself and your life in a way that you can’t do with family or friends. It provides a place and a time which is just for you to talk about those things that bother you. This is not always easy, it can require great strength. It means working on a problem rather than pretending that things are going to be ok. But, in time, therapy helps you to make the changes that you would like to happen. It can help to remove obstacles to growth and allow you to experience life, with all its ups and downs, in as fulfilling and authentic a way as possible. 

I help people who are struggling emotionally, or who just feel stressed by life’s challenges. I help them to unpack their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that they can understand and learn how to manage their emotions and feel a sense of ease and peace.

Together, we look at what may be getting in the way of enjoying life, of connecting to others, of feeling fulfilled by work or an intimate relationship. My clients learn to develop greater self awareness, self compassion, and self esteem. They become more attuned to their thoughts and feelings so that they can better manage their emotional life. And I provide a space where my clients can learn to appreciate their strengths and successes just much as they learn how to handle their pain and disappointments.

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