Do you or your child struggle academically? Is it hard to learn new information, memorize facts and figures, stay focussed, remember what was read or heard? Is it hard to figure out math problems or understand a text, even though you try hard? 

Such problems can have a huge impact on academic or work performance, and lead to other problems such as anxiety or depression. 

They could also be a sign of a learning disability or another condition that impacts learning. 

I help adolescents and young adults discover why they may be having problems in school or at work. Through comprehensive educational testing (also called a psycho-educational evaluation), I can clarify learning strengths and weaknesses and establish whether an individual has a learning disability, attention disorder, or other condition. Specifically, the evaluation will:

  • find out why you are having difficulties
  • provide a diagnosis (if relevant)
  • consider appropriate treatments
  • suggest possible accommodations
  • recommend practical steps to help you perform better

The comprehensive process includes:

  • an in-depth interview to clarify current problems at school or in work and to gather information about your learning history 
  • collateral contacts with teachers or other professionals
  • review of academic records
  • a battery of standardized tests
  • a comprehensive report
  • a detailed feedback session to you and your family and/or referring providers

Find out more about what is being tested and the type of tests used in the assessment.