Do you ever want a deeper understanding of why you struggle emotionally? Do you keep repeating the same unhelpful patterns and want to know why? Maybe you want to know what keeps you depressed, anxious, frustrated or angry…or why, despite different treatments, you never seem to get better? 

I specialize in adult and adolescent psychological assessments that find the answers to these and other questions.

An assessment examines how you experience emotion, thoughts, and relationships. It identifies your strengths and weaknesses, your coping strategies, and what might be interfering with your quality of life. 

It can be particularly useful when:

  • you want to identify and understand the causes of emotional or social problems
  • you want to understand behavioral or conduct problems
  • you need to clarify a diagnosis in order to receive the right treatment and services
  • you want to measure your response to medication and other treatments
  • you need to confirm eligibility for special education services and/or special residential services

I work closely with you to understand your questions and to develop a battery of tests that will help to provide answers. I ask you to complete a thorough background questionnaire and to meet with me for an extensive interview. Once testing is complete, I analyze all the data and provide you with detailed feedback in a way that is often found to be enlightening and therapeutic. I also provide a comprehensive written report that summarizes previous evaluations and treatments, gives a clear analysis of the test results, provides conclusions, and makes recommendations. With your permission, I am also able to discuss the findings with your therapist, psychiatrist, or other healthcare provider.  

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