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What To Expect

For therapy to be helpful, it is important that you feel comfortable enough to be open and honest. So goodness of fit with a therapist is crucial. The first step is to talk with me on the phone. This allows me to get an initial idea of what you need help with. It also gives you the chance to ask me any questions. If you feel comfortable and if I think I can be of help, we can set up a time to meet at my office.

Free 15-minute Initial Phone Consultation



First Appointment

This is an opportunity for me to learn more about you, to hear in detail why you are seeking help now, and to discuss your goals and concerns. If we have time, Iā€™d also like to hear about other aspects of your life, such as your relationships, work, family and medical history. If relevant, it can be helpful to discuss previous therapy experiences and if/how these were helpful.

Plan of Action

It can take a few sessions to get a full understanding of you as a person. But, once I have a better idea of who you are and the problems for which you are seeking help, we can discuss a way forward. Research has shown that therapy is most productive when it is frequent and regular. This is why appointments are generally once per week, although sessions may be more or less frequent depending on the severity of the current problem. Sessions are generally 45 to 50 minutes long.

Duration of Treatment

This depends on a variety of factors. For some people, there may only be a need for a few sessions while, for others, longer, more in-depth work might be required. We can discuss this more when we meet.


Couples Therapy


Couples therapy must start with an assessment of the relationship. What are the strengths and weaknesses, how has the relationship evolved, what are the current challenges, where do we pinpoint treatment? This is critical and involves you answering confidential online questionnaires, as well as meeting with me as a couple and individually. Once the assessment is complete, I will give you feedback and a plan of action.


This consists of weekly sessions of 60 or 75 minutes, depending on need and scheduling. As you talk to each other about your relationship, my job will be to help you to manage conflict constructively, to create deeper friendship, intimacy and positive feelings, and to explore shared meanings and goals. 


No one couple is the same and treatment is tailored to the specific strengths and challenges facing you. This means the length of treatment will vary depending on your needs.