Do you feel disconnected from your partner? Do you feel as if you no longer matter, that you no longer come first? Do you turn away rather than turn toward your partner, even when you need help?

Most couples seek counseling when problems in their relationship mean that they no longer feel connected. There are many reasons for this including:

  • criticism, defensiveness, contempt
  • disengaging or withdrawing 
  • miscommunications and misperceptions
  • no way to deescalate conflict and make repairs
  • lack of sexual or physical intimacy

I work with couples who want to reconnect and grow their relationship.

Maybe you are committed to your partner but feel that the two of you have lost your way. You no longer seem so close. You don’t know one another’s worlds as well as you once did. Shared hopes and dreams have faded away. 

I help couples rebuild their connection, rediscover their love, and grow their fondness and admiration.

Maybe you have met someone new and both of you worry about repeating mistakes from the past. This time you want things to be different.

I work with couples to help them become aware of past patterns that could derail or disrupt their relationship. 

Maybe you are both struggling with how to communicate in a way that minimizes conflict and maintains respect for each other.

I use well-researched methods to help couples build better emotional connections, so that when conflict occurs within a relationship, it is fruitful not harmful. 

My Approach


The approach I use - the Gottman method - is based on decades of research into what makes a healthy relationship function well. It is a direct, practical approach that involves setting goals and using specific strategies, techniques, and exercises. But it is also highly flexible, allowing me to tailor the therapy to the strengths and challenges facing each individual couple.

Learn more about the Gottman method.

Frequently Asked Questions