UCSF Leads The Way To Help Students With Disabilities

I recently attended a meeting hosted by UCSF Student Disability Services where we looked at some of the reasons why medical students with disabilities are getting their applications for accommodations turned down by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). It seems that, even when students have a well documented history of disability and psychological testing that demonstrates current disability (such as ADHD), their applications can still get rejected. This has tremendous implications for students who are on a tight deadline to get through their step exams and onto residency. I was heartened to see the dedication of the UCSF Medical Student Disability Services team, particularly its director, Dr. Lisa Meeks, who is a fearless advocate for the rights of students with disabilities. Dr. Meeks, together with her colleagues in the field, has published some very useful resources to help both students and assessors, such as myself, to navigate this difficult terrain. UCSF is lucky to have such a dedicated (albeit swamped) resource.