Postpartum Support

Several years ago, I treated a young mom who had postpartum psychosis, a rare illness that can cause delusions and paranoia. Fortunately, it was not so serious that she needed to be hospitalized and, with appropriate care, medication, and time, she made a full recovery. Unfortunately, not enough attention is given to postpartum mental health risks and there is still tremendous stigma surrounding the topic. While greater attempts are being made to screen for depression during pregnancy and, again, after the birth, there is still so much more that could be done. This article in the Washington Post states the case well. I'm really glad to hear that a wonderful colleague of mine, Dr. Katy Lonergan, who has specific training in this area, is about to start a group in SF for new moms who might be struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety. I know this will be a wonderful resource.  More details here.